Instant Pot White Rice
Learn how to make perfect non-sticky, fluffy white basmati rice without failing in an instant pot by following this recipe. Just add the rice, water, and salt in an instant pot and pressure cook for 4 minutes and then let the pressure release naturally; the steamed white rice will be ready within 16-18 minutes (4 minutes pressure cook time + natural pressure release time).
If you prefer, you can soak the rice before cooking but it’s not necessary in this method. The measurements of rice to water ratio and cooking time are given in this recipe for both soaked and not-soaked rice.
1 cup Basmati White Rice (or any white rice)
1 cup to 1½ cups Water (* note)
1/2 teaspoon Salt, or to taste
1 cup White Rice (not soaked):Water:
Soft Rice1½ cups
Al dente Rice1¼ cups
Hard and Chewy Rice1 cup
1 cup White Rice (soaked for 30 minutes):Water:
Soft Rice1¼ cups
Al dente Rice1 cup
Hard and Chewy Rice1 cup (2 tablespoons less)
  1. Rinse 1 cup of rice under running water or in a bowl filled with water until the water runs clear. (If you prefer, soak the rice in a bowl filled with water for 30 minutes.)
  2. Drain excess water from the soaked rice. Place 1 cup rinsed and drained basmati rice, 1¼ cups water, and 1/2 teaspoon salt in an instant pot. (*If you are using soaked rice, add only 1 cup of water.) Mix well.
  3. Close the lid and set the valve to a sealing position. Pressure cook rice on High Pressure mode for 4 minutes. Don’t forget to cancel to “keep warm” mode.
  4. After cooking, don’t open the lid immediately. Let the pressure release naturally, it will take around 12-15 minutes.
  5. Remove the lid.
  6. Fluff the rice with a large spoon or a fork.
  7. Steamed White Basmati Rice is ready. Store it in an airtight container. It stays good for 3 days in the refrigerator. You can also store rice in small portions in a container in the freezer for up to 3 months.
Tips and Variations:
  • If you are using soaked rice, add 1/4 cup less water.
  • If you have enough time, soak the rice in water for 30 minutes. Soaking the rice makes it non sticky and fluffier.
  • For softer rice, 1 cup of soaked rice : 1¼ cups water and 1 cup of not soaked rice : 1½ cups water.
  • You can cook the rice by pot in pot method also.
  • For pot in pot method – Pour 1 cup of water into the main pot in an instant pot. Place a steel trivet inside the pot.
  • Add 1 cup rice, 1¼ cup water, and salt to the bowl and cook the rice on high pressure for 4 minutes. After cooking, let the pressure release naturally.
Taste: Bland Rice taste
Serving Ideas:Serve rice with yellow dal for lunch or dinner. It can be also used as a base to make pulao, fried rice, kheer, biryani, etc.

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