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Apple Smoothie
Apple Smoothie prepared with this recipe is an absolute bliss to taste buds. This kid friendly fresh fruit smoothie recipe is a simple blend of apple, milk, yogurt, almond and honey. The addition of cinnamon brings subtle but noticeable flavor that compliments the overall sweet taste.


    Preparation Time: 10 minutes
    Serves: 2 servings
    1 large Apple, peeled, cored and chopped
    1/2 cup Milk
    1/3 cup Vanilla Yogurt or Plain Yogurt
    5 Almonds (or 1 tablespoon almond powder), optional
    1 teaspoon Honey or Sugar
    A dash of ground Cinnamon, optional
    1. Peel and cut apple into halves. Remove the core and cut apple into large pieces.
    2. Add apple and almonds in a blender jar.
    3. Add milk, yogurt and honey.
    4. Blend until smooth and there are no chunks of fruit. Pour prepared smoothie into a chilled serving glass and sprinkle cinnamon over it. Drink it immediately for better taste because it will turn brown within half an hour.
    Tips and Variations:
    • If you do not like the strong flavor of cinnamon, skip it.
    • Replace cinnamon with cardamom for nice flavor.
    Taste: Sweet and creamy taste of apple with mild touch of cinnamon.
    Serving Ideas: It is an ideal and stomach filling healthy drink that can be served in the breakfast. Indulge yourself in smooth and silky smoothie dessert for sweet and cool ending of meal.

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