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Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi is one of the best colling summer beverages prepared from ripe mango and yogurt (curd/dahi). It is an instant and healthy drink favorite among all generations of people across the world and its an ideal dessert or healthy fruit drink for breakfast. You can make mango lassi by using different varieties of mangoes as each one has its own special aroma and flavor and mixing them with yogurt can bring out many surprises. To make this cooling beverage at home is very easy and doesn’t need much time or any cooking knowledge. Just blend the mango pulp (or mango pieces), curd, sugar, cardamom powder and water together until smooth, and your Lassi is ready within minutes.
1 cup chopped Mango (approx. 1 medium size Ripe Mango) or 3/4 cup Mango Pulp
1 cup Curd/ Plain Yogurt (Dahi)
1/4 cup Water or Milk
A pinch of Cardamom Powder
1½ tablespoons (or to taste) Sugar
1 tablespoon chopped Mixed Dry-fruits, for garnishing (optional)
  1. Choose ripe mango. Peel the mango, cut it into halves, remove the stone and cut into small pieces. Take the plain yogurt which is not sour.
  2. Add 1 cup chopped mango (or 3/4 cup mango pulp), 1 cup plain yogurt(curd/dahi) and 1/4 cup water in a blender jar.
  3. Blend until smooth and creamy and no chunks of fruit. Add 1½ tablespoons sugar and a pinch of cardamom powder. Check the thickness of lassi and if required, add more water.
  4. Blend it for a minute. Pour it into serving glasses and garnish with chopped dry-fruits.
Tips and Variations:
  • You can either use homemade mango pulp or ready made (canned) mango pulp to make this lassi. Mango pulp is easily available in most of the Indian grocery stores.
  • Use less sour and thick yogurt to make a sweet lassi.
  • Try roasted almonds and roasted cashew nuts in place of normal dry-fruits for a crispy taste.
Taste: Sweet
Serving Ideas: Serve sweet mango lassi with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and small pieces of chopped mango.

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