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Grape Juice
It’s very easy to make fresh grape juice at home without juicer – just blend the grapes with water in a blender, strain the juice, squeeze lemon over it, stir with a spoon and voila! Sugar free Grape Juice is ready. Grapes, which are rich in vitamin C, Vitamin A, K, and B-complex, provides protection against viral and fungal infections and its sugar less freshly squeezed juice is healthy way to get all these benefits with minimal calories and zero cholesterol. In this step by step photo recipe, we have used black seedless grapes but you can use any type of green, red or black grapes.


    Preparation Time:  10 minutes
    Serves: 3 servings
    2 cups Sweet Ripe Black Grapes or Red Grapes (or any sweet grapes)
    1/2 Lime or Lemon, optional
    1-1½ cups Water
    6-8 Ice Cubes
    Note: We have used seedless black grapes in this recipe and haven’t added any sugar to keep the calories to minimum. But you can use any type of sweet grapes (seedless or with seed). If grapes your are using is tart, add some sugar to make juice sweeter.
    1. Wash or rinse the grapes in running water to remove dirt and pesticides from its skin. Remove stems.
    2. Place cleaned grapes in a blender jar.
    3. Add 1-cup water and blend in the blender until smooth.
    4. Place a large fine sieve (a strainer) over a large bowl and pour prepared juice over it. Press the pulp gently using a spatula to get the maximum juice out of it. Discard the solid pulp. You can also use muslin cloth or nut-milk bag to strain the juice.
    5. Squeeze the lemon over it and add ice cubes. Stir with a spoon and taste the juice, if it is too sweet, add 1/2 cup more water or as needed according to the sweetness of grapes and stir. Pour prepared homemade grape juice into serving glasses and serve.
    Tips and Variations:
    • If you want to serve the juice immediately, add chilled water instead of normal water.
    • To get the maximum nutrients from grape juice, it is best to drink it immediately. However, if you want to serve it later, you can store it in the refrigerator for a day.
    • If the grapes are tart, don’t add lemon juice.
    Taste:  Sweet and tart
    Serving Ideas:  You can drink Grape juice at anytime but most people like it as breakfast juice or as refreshing afternoon beverage.

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