Coffee Milkshake Recipe (with Step by Step Photos)

Tired of having same old and boring cold coffee every day? Then try Coffee Milkshake instead. Brewed coffee mixed with cold milk and vanilla ice creams makes an amazing concoction that will make your taste buds happy. The hot chocolate syrup adds nice chocolaty flare to its amazing coffee flavor.

Coffee Shake with Ice Cream

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1 serving
1/4 cup cold Brewed Coffee or 1/2 teaspoon Instant Coffee Powder
1/2 cup cold Milk
1/2 cup or 3 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
1/2 tablespoon Chocolate Syrup or 1/2 tablespoon Cocoa Powder, optional
2 teaspoons Sugar


  1. If brewed coffee is not available, follow this step to make brewed coffee using instant coffee powder. Mix 1/2 teaspoon instant coffee powder with 1/4 cup hot water and stir until the powder dissolves. Cool the mixture before using in next step.
  2. step-1
    Pour cold brewed coffee in a blender jar.
  3. step-2
    Pour milk over it.
  4. step-3
    Add vanilla ice cream.
  5. step-4
    Add chocolate syrup (or cocoa powder).
  6. step-5
    Blend until frothy and smooth texture. Creamy coffee milkshake is ready. Pour it into a serving glass and garnish with ice cream and chocolate syrup.
Tips and Variations:

  • Make it as strong or light as you like it by using the strong or light brewed coffee.
  • For strong coffee flavor, use coffee ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream.
Taste: Smooth and frothy
Serving Ideas: Coffee ice cream milkshake is a perfect beverage to serve as an afternoon drink or as a light dessert.

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Mar 30, 2017 by Vibha Gupta
What can replace ice cream while preparing coffee milkshake.

Response: Hello Vibha, you can replace ice cream with the readymade frozen yogurt or frozen banana (if you like the taste of the banana).

Oct 19, 2014 by Almas Syed
Awesome juices & milk shakes recipes... I love it :)